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Plaster Repair and Restoration

Are you rehabbing or remodeling an older building with plaster walls? We specialize in plaster repair and restoration, serving homes and businesses throughout St. Louis. Whether you want to create new plaster surfaces or restore your existing plaster to its original condition, call on the plaster repair professionals at STLBuildPro—where the art of plaster work is alive and well.


About Plaster Repair

Plaster walls are found in many older homes in the St. Louis area. A plaster wall or ceiling consists of layers of plaster over wooden lath. As time goes by, the plaster can break loose from its wood lath, causing it to crack. Patching plaster is a complex job. Simply filling a crack with spackle joint compound is pointless; it just comes back. The only sure fix is to reunite plaster with its lath.

First, we will determine how much of the existing plaster needs to be removed to ensure a successful, long-term patch. After we remove the plaster, we will fill the hole with metal lath. Then we’ll mix the plaster material and apply it to the wall using specialized tools. Finally, we’ll apply the finish coat, which is either floated smooth or textured to match the condition of the existing wall. We can restore the wall’s original look or enhance it, using different styles of plaster work to compliment the aesthetic of your space.

Plaster Services

At STLBuildPro, we are highly skilled in all types of plaster repair. Owner Jason Carrera has over 11 years of experience working in the St. Louis Plasterers’ Local #3, ensuring that he knows how to complete a refined plaster remodel job. We offer a full range of plaster services, including:

  • Patch work
  • Texture
  • New application
  • Skim coats – Traditional plaster work can be used to skim existing drywall, creating a seamless surface.
  • Interior stucco
  • Exterior traditional stucco and synthetic stucco (EIFS)
  • Polished Italian/Venetian plasters
  • Ornamental plaster
  • Cove work
  • New plaster crown molding
  • Crown molding patches
  • Imitation marble in slab and veneer methods


Have questions about plaster repair and restoration? Ready to get started? Contact us for a free, detailed estimate. Call (314) 669-9741.